[STYLE-747] Event guidelines

Well, in most cases the title is redundant in any case, it’s just we need one :slight_smile: So we might as well make it as useful as we can.

Well, since you’re asking for opinions, I’d prefer “Tour Name: City” rather than “Main Artist: Tour Name: City”.

Whether the artist name is included in the name of the event/tour seems regionally-specific though:

There is another point not covered by the guidelines though - in the example I gave, it looks like the name of the tour is actually more than what’s in MusicBrainz:

Music of the Spheres World Tour - delivered by DHL

If a sponsor is officially part of the name of the event, I would expect it would be preserved? e.g., Super Bowl halftime shows.

Problem with that is:

1: what if the event isn’t part of a tour, say a stand-alone event
2: what if we don’t know the name of the tour, some listings that we source from (such as those in magazines) are just [artist] [date] [place] with no known tour name.

In my opinion I think that the title should be dynamically generated from the metadata given as then it’ll be the same everywhere :slight_smile:

We are specifically talking about events that are part of a tour right now, if you read the thread carefully.

The point I’m making is that I can’t figure out the reason for leaving it out in only this instance. Another example is ‘Artist at Venue’ - why include artist in that example?

More generally I think it’s useful to have the main artists in the event title because:

  • That’s how events are known and referred to (e.g. you won’t see a poster, ticketing page, or Facebook event for the ‘spheres tour’ without ‘Coldplay’ featuring prominently)
  • If a band or person is supporting or guesting for the ‘spheres tour’ you have to do an extra click through to the event to know they performed with Coldplay, which is the key information.

Edit: I’m fine if we end up leaving out the artist in these cases, I just think it needs a bit more discussion/thought. When we add events to LB, for instance, we may only display event title and date in some views (e.g. if we display a widget in a userpage, with events a user has coming up)

About event title:

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@reosarevok: It’s not worth blocking the guidelines over my nitpick, by the way :+1: