[STYLE-2359] [poll closed] handle bundled releases differently from other compilations, attribute or secondary release group type?

For what it’s worth, I vote for making ‘boxset’ an available release type.
(either primary or secondary, no opinion on that)
I would be using it.


I agree. Where do we vote?

I would prefer primary, because a box set could include albums and singles. Okay, it could also consist of albums and compilations, but I think it’s better placed on the highest level.

A “boxset” as a Release Type would cause confusion. What about a 25th Anniversary BoxSet of the Beatles White Album? That should stay listed with the albums.

A boxset is a packaging type.


Maybe a bundle or something like that…

But I’m not in favour of a new RG type.
I’m happy with Compilation.

Like other editors who posted in this thread, I still feel like this would be a bad change, even if the confusing terminology “box set” is no longer in the topic title. The compilation format is fine as-is.

I just don’t see releases such as this as the same kind of release as a standard release. It’s just a sales promotion. I just want a way to not see them in the list of releases…

on the ticket linked in the op, or perhaps right here~

both of these polls allow multiple selections, choose all you agree with~

should we add a way to specify a bundle of releases?
  • yes, as a release group secondary type
  • yes, as a release group attribute
  • yes, other (specify below)
  • no
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what should this be called?
  • collection
  • boxed set
  • bundle
  • anthology
  • other (specify below)
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whatever name we use, this would be properly defined in the docs what it means, likely excluding the outliers (The Beatles’ Anthology or the 25th Anniversary Box Set, as mentioned above), which I will note has already been done with remixes

edit: for clarity, a “no” vote would imply keeping these as compilations, as they’d currently be categorized

edit 2: I’ll prolly keep these polls open until sometime this upcoming weekend, to give people time to put in votes~


alright, so looks like just over half of the 12 voters want to keep these bundled releases as compilations, and bundle was the top pick for the name

personally, I still think a new category is needed, but I can see I’m part of the (slight) minority at the moment…

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Forgive my lack of background knowledge here, but are pseudo-releases related to releases that bundle albums? I was reading through this thread recently, and just now came across the pseudo-releases of Deutsche Grammophon 111, e.g. this one for CD20. (This CD is an exact duplicate of the earlier release mentioned in the pseudo-release title.) I hadn’t seen anything like this before.

It doesn’t quite seem like this use matches up with the docs on pseudo-releases, so is this a ‘legitimate’ pseudo-release? And could something like this be a useful way of handling bundled releases like this, e.g., for downstream users to organize their collection without linking a massive box set to one release title/cover art/etc.?

It’s not really a “legitimate” pseudo-release, but sometimes, for insanely large compilations, it used to be almost impossible to actually edit the relationships since they just wouldn’t load. I think that’s probably not really an issue anymore with the new relationship editor and those can be merged now?