Stupid question: How to find outstanding unsaved files efficiently?

I just discovered what a fantastic and intuitive tool MusicBrainz Picard is.

However, one thing I haven’t figured out is how to easily find unsaved files in the right panel other than to scroll through the list and find the icons with a star.

There seems to be no way to group all unsaved files together, which is highly annoying. For example, upon exit, Picard told me that there was 1 unsaved file. I scrolled and scrolled to find it, but in the end, I just quit Picard, having had enough of it.

Selecting all to save is no good either, because it usually hangs the program and in addition is slow given that it goes over all files again, even those that don’t need saving. I find this behavior quite incomprehensible, given that the rest of the program is so well thought out.

Any suggestions?

You might want to try the “Remove Perfect Albums” plugin. It allows you to remove all the complete and perfectly matched albums via a context menu entry.