Struggling to get my head around, updating data and renaming

Hi, have thousands of songs with may duplications in different folders. want to rename re-tag all of the songs.

I’ve taken a small selection of my music that i need to pass onto a DJ for an even this weekend but ive made a mess of the file names. All i want to do is to delete all old meta data, update with new and re-name the files with Artist - Song name

Any help appreciated. Im not very good at scripting etc.

What have you done so far? And what went wrong (you said the file names are a mess, but explain a bit what is now wrong)? Also how would you like to name your files?

So far i have done a Lookup and Scan for a set of songs in a folder.
In options i ran rename files when saving.

but i don’t understand the scripting, its not my area of expertise.

here is an example of a new file name for a song:

01 music - 01 music - 01 OutKast - Hey Ya!

All i want is “Artist - Song name”

ive now managed to delete all of my tags on 79 songs and re-name the Title tag with the current file name

I’ve managed to get it sorted after hours of playing around.