Steps to Upgrade MBVM 2018-08-14 to latest git


I would like to upgrade the Virtualbox MB Server to latest git.
What steps (Shell script) do I need.
Tried follow this but step 2. checking the schema version freaks out totally.
How do I properly shut down the server?

Steps done:

This is on my todo list so I have not upgraded my local containers yet.
You need the old containers running to load all possible replication packets untill it stops accepting them.
You need to ensure you have the old database container running.
You then need to call the replication script.
docker exec -it musicbrainzdocker_musicbrainz_1 ./admin/replication/LoadReplicationChanges

You then need to pull the source for the containers and rebuild them.
The compile steps should be replaced with docker-compose rebuild as building the container should do this internally.
You then need to stop all the old containers and start just the new database container and launch ./ that is inside the server container.
Once that is run you should be able to stop all containers and start all containers.

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Maybe you should follow this instructions:

For THIS schema upgrade (from 2018-08-14 to 2019-05-13), I used this commands:

Login to your VM with User vagrant

1.) sudo docker exec musicbrainzdocker_musicbrainz_1 /
2.) sudo docker exec -ti musicbrainzdocker_musicbrainz_1 bash
3.) git fetch origin && git checkout v-2019-05-13-schema-change
4.) eval $( perl -Mlocal::lib )
5.) ./
6.) vi lib/

Manually change the number 24 in the line
(Scroll down with your cursor until you find this line)
Press ESC then : then wq

7.) exit
8.) cd musicbrainz/musicbrainz-docker
9.) sudo docker-compose stop musicbrainz
10.) sudo docker-compose build musicbrainz
11.) sudo docker-compose up -d --no-deps musicbrainz
12.) cd ../..
13.) bin/replicate now

I’m not sure about the order of 6 and 7, but in this order it works for me :wink:



My first attempt upgrading existent 2018-08-14 failed so I decided to build latest from scratch instead.
I did not test your (InvisibleMan78) steps, due to mine 2018-08-14 was already garbage. (thanks anyway!)

For my build script see ‘’ in Ticket [MBVM-41]