Splitting “design/illustration”


Moderator note: the discussion about the relationship split became very long so I’ve split all posts that were specifically about it here - @reosarevok

Visual relationships (stylist, hair & make-up, stage design, etc.)


I also get “front picture/image/cover fotography” quite often.


Most booklet credits for “design” are a graphic designer, not an artist… so yes!


Done with STYLE-903


In the new set-up, what is the difference between “design” and “graphic design”?


I was expecting to see “design” used for any credits that don’t specify “graphic design”


If a good (specific) use for ‘design’ doesn’t rear it’s head, we should merge it with ‘graphic design’.
A design credit for a release will almost always mean doing layout/text/art/logo for a print item, which imo comes under graphic design. Even if it’s not explicit, I can’t think of what else it could be referring to.
Unless a CD comes out that is packaged inside a car, in which case a industrial design relationship might come in handy!
But I’m possibly missing another use case?


You’re probably right, I just didn’t know enough about this to make the claim myself. But given all the comments on it have said the same, I’ll ask the editors a bit more and probably do that!


agree with most ideas above.

in addition, this popped up the other day: https://musicbrainz.org/release/ae3e141f-5d35-48f4-9b79-599b753140bc/cover-art

how would you properly credit someone like Miriam Brofsky, a sculptor who’s credited for her work used on a front cover:


neither (graphic) design nor illustration fits well (and it’s not a photo of the work that’s credited but the work itself). is it worthwhile inserting a sub-category for such other varied forms of art, as infrequent as they may be.


Maybe an “artwork used”? Sculptures are rather rare I think, but paintings are quite common (especially with classical releases). I always credit those with “design/illustration” “illustration”, but of course it is not a 100% fit.


how about renaming the “desing/illustration” to art (or make a new group) and move all the art related relationship types into that group: art direction, design, graphic design, illustration, photography. probably booklet editor too?
and if you add a textfield like the one for instruments you could pick the one that fits the most and put the specific type into that textfield. that would also work for relationships like “front cover design by …” or “cover photo by …” where graphic design or photography wouldn’t be unambiguous