Soundtrack Release Group naming convention

plugging this one, hoping for some advice on how to best tidy up (some tidying/merging is in progress)

i guess my first questions surround my goal of having a release with the original release date and correct artist credits, as the original digital releases were credited to “Gaijin Games”

any thoughts?

Do you mean the original digital release of the music itself?

I think that’s pretty straightforward - you can update ‘Gaijin Games’ to the correct artist across all of them (which shouldn’t really meet any resistance). If you want to maintain the Gaijin Games credit, then put in the correct/specific artist, but leave ‘Gaijin Games’ in the ‘credited as’ field.

If you want the original release date of the game stored somewhere that’s trickier, and I just don’t think you’ll find consensus tbh. I wonder if it would be worth opening a new discussion re. that (if you’re really keen on it), and potentially suggesting a new relationship, fields or pseudo release type etc to handle a game or film release date + details etc.

i do mean the original release date of the music (it’s the same as the game according to amazon)

went ahead and updated the artist credits on (decided against “credited as”)

i think the number of releases in the group threw me for a loop a bit, multiple releases of the same recordings with different names/tags (especially Recording “Whetfahrt Cheesefunk” by Matthew Harwood - MusicBrainz vs Recording “Superfunk” by Gaijin Games - MusicBrainz - same track, just had a different title when released in the humble indie bundle)

as for a new discussion, i guess it’s just a question of what to do when digital storefronts/streaming platforms list music with game studios as the artist

I think it’s pretty standard to credit the actual artist, if known, as you’ve done. I think the older releases can be updated as well. If anyone disagrees, please pipe up :slight_smile: