Sorting tagged files


I’m sorry if this has been covered but I can’t find an answer to it. I’m looking to sort the tagged files in the right pane by the colour coding of how well matched the files are.
I think it could be achieved by two ways but not sure if they’re possible.

  1. If there was an extra column for match showing the colour coded rectangular so it could be sorted.
  2. Remove the album strucutre and just show the matched title of the file which has the colour coded rectangle to the left.

Are any of the two options above possible or does anyone have any other suggestions?
Essentially I want to be able to bilk match files and sort them so I can review ones that aren’t a green match


Picard is an album-oriented tagger, and that isn’t very likely to change; but, there are other possibilities.

Album data is sortable, but track data is not. So, if you wanted to write a plugin to do what you want, the plugin would have to add a new, sortable column (which is possible) that sets a sortable value on the album if all of its tracks are green (which I expect is also possible). That would be much, much easier and less intensive than creating an algorithm that ranks albums by the match confidence of each individual track.