Sorting results

I’m a relative newbie and keep surprising myself with what I learn about MB’s uses everyday…it just gets better and better. However, there’s one aspect I just don’t seem to able to resolve despite a reasonably thorough search (possibly not using the correct terms). Quite simply is there an option to sort my results (far right panel) other than by artist, title etc. I’m sorting through a biggish collection in chunks and initially I’d like to sort the wheat from the chaff (or to put it another way the ‘gold’ discs from the ‘silver’ discs. Even better would be the ability to sort by the % of tracks matching. Hope this makes sense. PS I’m not a coder.

The next release of Picard, version 2.3 expected to be released real soon, will give you the option to customize the columns shown and with this also gives you more flexibility in sorting.

However, it will not support sorting by percentage complete or number of matched tracks. We have a couple of tickets about these features, but it still needs to be implemented. The idea was to do this on top of the new column features, but first I wanted to get this released. See the following tickets for some details:


Thank you outsidecontext for confirming. Given the complex abilities of MB I thought was missing something. I’ll sit tight and wait…the % complete was more wishful thinking on my part!