Sorting order…

Can someone reassure me I’m not going mad…

In Picard, do the left and right panels sort differently?

I’ve a load of y tagged files in left panel, clustered and sorted by cluster. In the right panel I have a similar set of albums loaded sorted by album title.

Comparing them, in the left hand panel “O” came above “On” which came above “One”. In the right panel the opposite is true.

(Note it’s not just one is sorting ascending and the other descending, in both O… in above P…)

It’s not really an issue, just I need reassurance I’m not mad!

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Can you provide Picard version, screenshots or debug log showing the behaviour you describe so we can debug this (and eventually fix it)?


That’s a fun issue. I haven’t yet looked at what exactly is happening, but I can reproduce it and entered

There is also a screenshot there.



I’m mostly just glad I’m not going mad (or missing something obvious).

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The reason for the odd sorting is that the album title also includes the track and image counters, and those are preceeded by a unicode left-to-right mark (U+200E). And this sorts after alphabetic chars. So in your example it actually sorts:

  • One\u200e
  • On\u200e
  • O\u200e

One solution is of course to not include this character in the sort string. But actually I’m not sure if we should have this character there at all, needs to be checked with right-to-left languages.


That makes sense. It would appear then that the right panel sorts without that character, and the left panel sorts with it.

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