Songs with Album reference being changed to Non-Album tracks by Picard?

I am having an issue with several songs in my collection that are being updated to non-album tracks by Picard. Both Lookup and Scan are not finding the albums although the songs have Albums associated with them. Examples of this are Billy Jean by Michael Jackson (Thriller Album) that I updated with the Thriller Album reference but Picard changes it to non-album track? Another example is With or Without You by U2 from the Joshua Tree album. It still changes it to non-album track… I even updated the meta data with File Explorer in Windows to show the album information but when I reload it to Picard it changes it back to non-album. I searched and could not find a way to fix this. How do I get these songs to save with the Album information?

This most likely means you have a musicbrainz_recordingid in your files, but no musicbrainz_albumid. If MusicBrainz IDs are present in the files, Picard will attempt to load the proper recording + album when you add the files. If there is no album ID it will only load the recording.

So for this to properly work you’d need to set the album ID also in the tags. If you don’t want this automatic loading at all you can disable it in Options > General, but then of course all files added to Picard end up on the left as untagged files.

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Alternatively check your sliders in Options…/Options/Metadata/Preferred Releases.

I am not sure which slider relates to NATs (I would have to check the code), but possibly “Other” - if you can work out which slide that one to the left and slide “Album” to the right and see if that makes a difference.

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Thanks everyone, I will try the Album tag option and see if that helps.