Songs not found

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Hey guys, I am hoping that someone can help me. I am scanning my folders, but Musicbrainz is not finding a lot of the music. I tried a program Songkong, and that found everything, but I prefer to use Musicbrainz. Am I doing something wrong? It seemed Songkong searched more databases than musicbrainz, am I supposed to add a plugin? any help is appreciated…

with the info you have given it will be hard to know what is wrong. what OS are you running? are you having trouble searching the database for your music or adding music to picard? if you can answer this we can help you better. more info on your problem you can give the better help we can give. :slight_smile:


You might have better results pulling a few albums into Picard at a time, pressing ‘cluster’, and then ‘lookup’.

Otherwise, as St3v3p says, a bit more info would be good :slight_smile: