Some Quirks Editing Tags in Metadata View:

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fe3110ee150>

As an example, if you’ve got 10 tracks and only -1- of them has a particular tag value set, one that you would want to use on other tracks. (e.g. Album, Genre, Artist… )

You can use the Contextual Menu --> Edit --> Edit Value … and it will take the edit right away.

But you can not directly edit it if all you want to do is retain the same value as the 1 track that already has the tag set.

So you change the value, (add a character), double-click again, remove the character and viola! Write what you intend.

You will see the message that it is missing from some of the selected items.

So you double-click to directly edit … and press enter.

It’s going to be the exact same thing afterward.

But if you change the value and then press enter… it shows that it’s going to update all the selected tracks.