Some questions and suggestions about reports

I love the reports page at:
As you can see on my profile I integrated some into my MB Todo list.

Some of them are really helpful, for some I have little use (at least for now), some are a bit annoying to go through regularly because of the numerous false positives and some are simply not pointing to where the problem is accurately enough.

So first I have some questions about specific reports and how to “fix” them:

Now to my suggestions:

  1. How about the ability to mark reports as “false positives” so they disappear from the lists? This could either be implemented as marking it just for you, or in a way that if many people agree it is a false positive (similar to the voting system for edits) it will disappear for everybody.
    I’m aware that this would be easier for some reports, like marking a single and an album as not the same release group and harder for others, like possible duplicate artists.
  2. Would it be possible to have reports like Artists occuring multiple times in the same artist credit point you to the actual artist credits in question?
  3. How about a filter for entities that have been edited in the past 8 days (this would filter out entities where a fix is in the queue as well as those that are already fixed, but still show up - I think)?
  4. Or the ability to filter Artists without subscribers by tags or search these artists’ disambiguations. Or even filter them by artists that appear in artist credits together with an artist you subscribed to.
  5. Wherever you are on MB there should be a button “Show all reports for this entity”.
  6. In the reports view there should be a “Open Edits” link like in collections.
  7. Additional reports I’d like to see:
    • Releases with links, but without an album cover. (I’m assuming most links will point to somewhere where you can get an album cover, but there will be lots of false positives again too).
    • Artists with separate legal name entry, but only one “also performs as” entry (Again, false positives: Artists who perform under their legal names as separate projects to an artist name).
    • Artists with aliases that have no own releases set as separate projects.
    • Groups that have no members
    • Artists without Wikidata
    • Artists with Wikidata but basic info missing (like legal name, gender, area, whether it’s a person or group, …)
    • Artists with same name and no disambiguation (could be a filter for the possible duplicate artists report).
    • Releases/Release Groups that appear to have artists in the title (e.g. “X presents Y”, “X hosted/mixed/… by Y”).

There’s also which would probably cover everything you’d want :slight_smile: I’m not sure if and when it is planned, though.

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Thanks for the link. Sounds interesting. Though the part that is most relevant for me is:

(or, possibly, also natural language queries)

because I have no idea what SQL is (I mean - I do know how to use Wikipedia, so now I do know what it is, but that knowledge alone won’t help me use it. :wink: ).