Some help with naming script?

Thanks for the quick reply. You may have missed it, but I actually addressed the lack of syntax highlighting in my post - I suppose it’s due to the formatting of the script itself interfering with the forum coding. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears, I’d love to make it more readable.

I actually read that same post re: script complexity before I posted mine, so I understand your reply. The relevant portions should all feasibly be in the early sections that deal with character replacement and nonlatin artists and such, but as you pointed out, maybe it’s a Picard thing, so thanks for the tip. I’ll dig through more when I’m at my computer again (the mobile interface for this forum is killer btw).

Also re: script complexity: well, the trouble is, I like 90% of how this script handles my data (well, 80%, I changed the other 15% manually and there’s a good 30% that I simply don’t understand), and my alternative is to learn the scripting language. I don’t have the luxury of that kind of time right now, which is the reason I found one that someone else made already that was close to what I wanted, and tweaked it to my needs based on my current limited knowledge, rather than making my own from scratch (reinventing the wheel, poorly). If I can’t get it perfect, so be it. It’s miles better than what I had of my own accord and preferable to all the other options I managed to scrape from forums previously :stuck_out_tongue: