Some explanation and transparency on 'hidden posts' please?

Even better. Thanks.

I’ve already read up on it before but forgot to link the topic where this was lamented:

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In those cases, do please report the stuff. While we haven’t been as on top of flagging as we maybe should have, we’re hoping to improve, and while I feel that it’s ok for the community to partially hide stuff (but not delete it), I also don’t feel it’s ok for abuse to be ignored just because the community didn’t happen to hide it :slight_smile:


Dang. At least on Craigslist, when I accidentally “flag” a post instead of “hiding” it, I can offshoot the flag by also clicking the “nominate for best of” button.
*there’s me using those scary quotation marks again.

Wow that Discourse meta page says:

If a post stays hidden for 30 days, it is automatically deleted.

This is worrying, considering the ongoing flagging frenzy…


That page also says the original poster needs to edit the post to make it reappear. I assume they can click on it and add a sentence like “this has been flagged, so I edit it to make it reappear”.

What is strange is that there seems to be no balance. People who don’t agree can flag it, but three times as many likes will not count for anything.


I would like someone here to explain if that’s the case in this site. One thing is the post getting hidden behind a click, another is removing its content entirely.

For what’s worth, I’d rather there was no flag button.

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I think it’s the case.
Because I have 2 "Post hidden by community flags" from 2019 in my messages.
And the 2 posts they mention are now removed from the forum.

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What are we supposed to do then? Flag back? I refuse to do so.

I just want someone to actually look at the flags… If it doesn’t happen I will be extremely disappointed on the staff’s inability to react. I don’t want to believe they’re just gonna wait and let the posts get deleted.


There is a different thread where they say they have looked - but I don’t know if they are aware that Hidden means Deleting. Have you tried updating any of your hidden posts?

Apparently, the trick to avoid deletion is that the original posters edit their flagged posts, quickly.

But then they can get flagged again, no?

I think yes, of course. :slight_smile:

and then it can’t be edited, right.


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We want to know because we’ve found posts (or we’ve made posts) that in our opinion shouldn’t have been so disproportionately affected by the flagging system in place.

We also want to know because they don’t seem to be getting reviewed actively, and we want to know what will happen to them.

Now that’s just silly. If anything the people flagging the posts for minor faults are the ones with an agenda. [Just in case: I don’t claim that all of the flagged posts have only minor faults. Please don’t read that much into it. I just think the flagging system in this website is a lot of power that we should not have.]

[edit: first paragraph originally said “shouldn’t have been flagged”. i actually think that’s not right. users should feel free to flag without expecting much consequence, and the post flagged should be reviewed by someone trusted with whatever decision they take regarding the post.]


I think that readily available restrictions on divisive posts that are misrepresenting and misportraying others is a helpful feature on these forums.

I can understand that folks often can’t see their own failings and then complain that hiding posts is unfair and unnecessary.

But I think better having hiding available than to have these forums looking like a Greek-Turkish expressionfest.


I’m going to keep this locked for a week. Hopefully during that time we can look at the flurry of flags coming our way. Please:

  1. Flagging everything back and forth does not help.
  2. Assuming bad faith does not help.
  3. Insulting each other does not help.

I’ll keep the actual topic about how to handle the name open - please post on that one only if you have ideas how MusicBrainz should best deal with the actual data issue, not to debate other people’s ideas about transgender topics.


This topic was automatically opened after 6 days.

Closing this again, as I see very little constructive discussion going on here, and there are in fact a number of resentments and faintly veiled attacks/assumptions regarding others in the community that clearly go against at the very least the spirit of our CoC. I have flagged and hidden some of those.

I do try to review all flagged posts. I admit that I have not been as on top of it as I should have for the last while, and I apologise for that. That said, very few posts have actually gotten hidden thanks to multiple people flagging them. There are a few, yes, but I would assume that most of the ones that @hiccup is complaining about are ones that I reviewed and agreed with (and I think there might have been some non-flagged ones that I flagged and hid myself).

I will respond to a couple of the questions asked in the OP though:

Just because a number of people have :heart:’d a given post, doesn’t mean the post does not violate one of more parts of our Code of Conduct and it does not factor in when I review flags or in how I handle them.

Others have responded to the automated parts of the system, but in the end it is me who yays or nays flags.

If you have questions about why a given post was flagged/hidden, feel free to write me at and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP (though be warned that you may not like or agree with my reply).