SOLVED: Certain releases don't show up on artist page - only available through search

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Maybe I’m just missing something obvious, but I’ve noticed this a few times lately, certain release groups aren’t listed on the artist overview but otherwise show up fine in search or via direct link. Here’s an example:

Superbus - Lova Lova -single:

As far as I can see no sign of it on the artist overview:

I have a hunch this might be related to the “single/EP which was taken from” relationship, but that’s just speculation. Can people confirm this? Has anybody else noticed this problem?

EDIT: Seems the explanation might simply be that promo-releases aren’t listed on the artist overview. Is that by design?


Only release groups that contain at least one official release are displayed until you click a link at the bottom of artist page to Show all release groups instead.

There is also a user script if you want to always see everything: mb. ALL RELEASE GROUPS.


Duh😊 thank you for that tip, I’ll shut up now…

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“Promo” is a wide territory that probably sweeps too far. There are Official Promos like this that are released by band and\or label and are interesting in the history.

And there are magazine cover disc Promos that would be messy to add to the artist pages.

Or at least that is the only logic I can see to hiding Promos by default.

I run with the mb. ALL RELEASE GROUPS script as I like to see all band output…

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IMO, magazine cover discs are official.
People buy the release.
Maybe I’m wrong.

Promotional releases are those sent out to journalists, labels, radios. To professionals, to promote the artist, thus for free.

Or I also was given some promo at a store when buying other official discs.

I wish I could choose the order of RG groups and which I see and don’t see.

Official original studio albums (including soundtracks),
Official studio singles,
Official lives,

Hide the rest unless I click something.


There is a big old thread about this somewhere last year. Personally I agree with you that a Magazine Cover Disc is part of the Magazine sold. Not everyone at MB agrees and all Magazines get changed to Promo. And then they also get the magazine name remove from the disc titles.

I’d prefer a “Cover Disc” type. It would stop the confusion then.

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