[Solved] Borked Button - prod.musicbrainz-website a duff URL

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On the NORMAL non-beta website, click on the button to go to the next page of release edit history, and you are served up a duff URL. There is no website http://prod.musibrainz-website

Or have I got a misfiring script?

Errr… weird. not doing it now. May be about to delete this if I can’t repeat it again

This issue is now fixed.
It was a transient issue related to a maintenance operation on our gateways (aka my fault).
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Linky borky borky…

Not a problem. I’m having a Monday like that too… just comedy timing the moment I turn round to touch your website it happens. So you can probably blame me. :smiley:


it was only like 5 minutes. Most of us probably didn’t even see it.