[SOLVED] "255" being entered in some Genres fields...?

For example, the genre will show as either 255 by itself, or 255\Pop\Classical\Rock
This is only being gathered/entered for “some” (the majority) of music files. It also occurs in the standard release and the beta/dev release. Of course, maybe it’s an issue with a genre plugin?

I recently just put \ for all my separators (tags and genres), so I don’t know if that caused it, or it’s just some coincidence? I didn’t have this issue before, it’s only when I changed all the tags in settings.

Anyone seen this or have an idea what it is?

(p.s. all of the above SINGLE slashes should be “DOUBLE-slashes”.)

Okay, false alarm… It was apparently just some misentered data for the particular Artist.
I checked a bunch of other music, and they weren’t pulling up the “255” adding it to the Genre tags.

Sorry, resolved…

Picard doesn’t support it, but genres in ID3 can be specified as numeric IDs from a fixed list of genres, see List of ID3v1 Genres - Wikipedia

255 is not in the official list, but various tools have extended the original ID3v1 list with their own values. So presumably the tool that wrote those tags had the 255 assigned 5o a specific genre.


Thanks, likely was the issue…