Slow savings of files (solved)

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Hello there!
I came across this forum as i was looking why MusicBrainz Picard was so slow on my Raspberry PI3. After looking up and scanning i tried to save the new tagged files (around 2400) bit it took around 5 seconds for one file.
After stopping the samba service, saving went back to normal speed.
Just wanted to share this with you.


It would help to have a bit more infos about your environnement:

  • OS / kernel
  • format of files you are saving
  • size and format of the file which took 5s to save
  • source & target file system
  • samba was involved or not ? (did you save or read from SMB network or was it totally unrelated?)

It can be interesting, because if samba was not involved (or shouldn’t be), but still had an impact, something is wrong with Picard, that’d need to be solved.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback.