Simple track title questions for Deserts of Kharak soundtrack

I am trying to clean up/fix the titles for the Deserts of Kharak soundtrack, and I have a few questions.

17 Victory- Gaalsi Cruiser Destroyed - I’m thinking that was probably supposed to be a colon after Victory, but got converted to a dash somewhere in the mastering process from the studio? Should I change to a colon?

37 The Ashoka Escapes - Full Original Version - Should this be changed to “The Ashoka Escapes (full original version)”, or maybe even just omit the “Full Original Version” from the title? Or leave as is?

58 - Tombs of the Ancients Alt Mix - Change to “Tombs of the Ancients (alt mix)”?

64 The Quantum Waveform Electronic Full - Change to “The Quantum Waveform (electronic)”?

65 The Quantum Waveform Acoustic Full - Same as 64?

103 thru 117 - These all start with "Bonus Track - ". Should that just be omitted, or left as is? Or put in parenthesis at the end “(bonus track)”?


in general, bonus track, hidden track, etc. are removed on MusicBrainz (although it could be noted in the annotation). the others you could leave them with the original metadata or change them, but do try and note any corrections or changes in the release annotation. I would personally leave them as they came

if you do change 64 and 65 tho, I’d change them to “The Quantum Waveform (electronic full)” and “The Quantum Waveform (acoustic full)”, leaving the full title there (pun very much intended, lol)


Just to clarify since that message could be read two ways: bonus or hidden tracks should still be included in tracklists, but the e.g. "Bonus Track - " text in their titles can be removed. :slight_smile:

Agreed with @UltimateRiff – I generally try to preserve the original text, but I move non-title information into parentheses and fix its capitalization per the ETI style guidelines.

For track 17, I could see changing the dash to a colon, but since there are other tracks at with dashes used to separate different parts (e.g. “57. Tomb of the Ancients - Beautiful Night”), it seems more likely to me that someone just accidentally left out a space. I’d probably change it to “Victory - Gaalsi Cruiser Destroyed” instead since the subtitle guidelines say that existing punctuation should be preserved.

And just to mention it: some of the tracks’ capitalization still ought to be updated per the English guidelines, e.g. track 1 should be “Our Planet Is Dying” and track 5 should be “Message From Khagaan”.


Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I updated it as best as I could. I’m still not sure what I want to do on a few of the tracks so I left them as is for now.

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