Simple script (Artist - Song Title)

I have a quick question. Definitely a newbie question…

I have a main script I use for my albums, but I have this one particular folder that is just instrumentals. I don’t necessarily want to cluster them, but just want them renamed and tagged as…

Artist - Song Title


Artist feat Artist - Song Title

I don’t need the track number, year or anything else. Can someone help me out?

That would just be:
%artist% - %title%

You could tag all your other files, then swap in the simple script, set the target folder and go.

The problem will be in locating tracks to link your files to. If your existing files have data in the album field, you should be able to cluster and look up as normal. If not, you might try scanning them.

Since Picard is an album-oriented tagger, you won’t be able to tag them without connecting each file to a track on a release.

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