Similar releases-how to connect?

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I’ve just edited a release that has the same barcode and catalog number as a release that’s already on MusicBrainz. Mine is digital. The track order is different than the one already on MusicBrainz and was released a year later. According to the label’s website the original version was regular stereo and mine was SACD – though I have no idea how to tell if what I bought actually is. In any case it seems like I needed to do a separate release and that’s what I did.

I think the two releases should certainly be connected somehow. Should they be in the same release group? My understanding is that the altered track order would make that not be the right thing to do. If I’m right about that, how do I go about connecting the two I MusicBrainz?

Here are the two release pages:

I think I’d put them in the same release group. You could do this by merging the two release groups.


Thanks for your quick response, Bob. Looking (again) at the pages about Release Groups, I see that I was wrong about Release Groups. I’ll merge the two releases.

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