Significance of "Copyright Control" on this Flamenco Release

eg = Agustín Castellón Campos

What is the significance of “Copyright Control”

This is not an actual entity.

“Copyright control” means that copyright is retained by the writer and not assigned to a third party. It is used to indicate that a work/recording is self-published, or in lieu of there being a known publisher.

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From the annotation on the entity by the same name:

So basically it’s used in place of the publisher on a work.



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So on Track 6 “Fandangos De Huelva” the writer is [traditional] and the performer is Torres Bermejas?

Whereas Track 1 is written and performed by Sabicas (assuming A. Castellion is the same person as Sabicas which WP indicates is very likely)?

I’ve added the two most likely candidates for track 1:

My money is on the first one, it’s often referred to as “Caña de Azucar (Guajira)”

In the case of this CD it seems Copyright Control is partly used because laziness - many of these songs have easy to find publishers (at least now that we have the internet, maybe not in 1989 :wink: ).

An issue here is that Sabicas is, AIUI, the performance/nick name of Agustín Castellón Campos.
Who is also, AIUI, due to a different name formation protocol being used in Spanish, and there being multiple ways in which “ó” has been presented, A. Castellion.

I initially didn’t spot that Agustín Castellón Campos was entered in the database, so I first attributed the song to his stage name Sabicas. that’s why both are credited, the deletion of Sabicas is in queue if you have a look at the open edits. The naming convention you mention is simply that the last (maternal) family name in Spanish is often omitted. So the full name of Agustín Castellón Campos gets shortened to Agustín Castellón.

EDIT: If you are worried about the exact spelling of the name, e.g. if “A. Castellion” is printed on the media, but the full name is in the database, then I think using the Credited as:-field works pretty great. That allows for recording spelling mistakes and alternative spellings of names just fine without cluttering the database with alternate spelling artists.