Sign In error in localhost

After following the readme file while setting up the local server. I successfully entered Client ID and Secret in config.json file.

But still while signing in the localhost server I am getting the following error-

Error: invalid_request

Mismatched redirect URI

I would be great if someone can help me and also please let me know if I am posting this query at the correct platform or not. Thanks!

hi @chinmay3199, i also got a similar error. I actually created a new application and replaced the details.
check here: Can't add books from my localhost

Hi @Prabhleen, i am trying to create a new application but I am getting

Error: invalid_client

Unknown client

While making new application I am using

Type - Web application
Callback URL - http://localhost:9099/cb

Can you please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.

Hi @chinmay3199!

It looks like there is an issue with your configuration, from what I can tell.
Your MusicBrainz application callback looks good from what I can see.

In your config.json file, make sure you have exactly this in the musicbrainz section:
"callbackURL": "http://localhost:9099/cb".
I recommend copy-pasting it to make sure it’s correct.

If you are running the web server using another port than the default 9099, you’ll need to modify it accordingly in the callback url in the MB application and in config.json.


I again tried creating a new application and its working now. Thanks @mr_monkey @Prabhleen!!