Show total number of tracks for a (huge) release? Plugin? Script?

Do you know any Plugin or script or another possibility to show the total amount of tracks for a release?

I ask this, because it is tricky to find the matching “complete works” for classical composers like J.S. Bach:

In addition to the number of CDs (like 171xCD) it would be useful to see the number of tracks like 3’544. With this number you can easily compare the number of existing local tracks.

Any ideas?


Tangentially, I think a ‘entity’ count somewhere would be useful in every page, particularly paginated ones. If that makes sense? e.g.

Artist page: releases
Events, aliases, relationships etc, self explanatory I think

But would work with track count too

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In release page, I have always found useful, the track count and the work count.

But don’t download this script for this feature, this feature has been broken for years on big releases like yours.

It would be nice feature inside MBS, not as userscript.