Shoutout to all the designers and devs who made MB fun

Thank you for taking the time to give MB an interface that is both powerful and enjoyable to use. And well done! There are websites and databases that have never managed to do that. There are expensive content management systems that have never achieved that.


…and there are many Boards of Directors that are genuinely creativity-deaf that think exactly the opposite … and can’t understand why the customer base says their product sucks.

Well Done, MB! Keep on sticking it to the CDDB!


I think it helps a lot that MB has devs who are also contributors, but obviously that’s not the only reason that it’s good. Also, there are big projects that rely just as much on volunteer contributors, but they provide a UI that is just not on the same level as MB. Honestly, I’m just impressed by the whole project. Speaking from a dev perspective, there is so much that MB does right.


Speaking from a (pretty new) dev perspective, there is so much that MB does wrong! So I’m always happy to hear that despite that, we’re doing fairly well :wink: Thanks!