Shouldn’t the contact page mention the #musicbrainz IRC channel?

The Contact Us menu item in the MusicBrainz menu refers to the contact page. The text under the IRC header only mentions #metabrainz, but that is the development channel. Shouldn’t the #musicbrainz channel get a mention there too? After all that is where user questions are supposed to go.


@rob, is there any specific reason not to mention MusicBrainz?

I see no reason not to – it is one of the two main channels, so we should add it!

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I think this is for “historical” reasons. To begin with was more separate from, so MusicBrainz’s “contact” page was still living at – which was made a redirect to in November 2015:

But yes, :+1: to changing it. I can put in a PR later.

Edit: Made a ticket:

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