Should you be able to use the catologue number to find an album?


I have an album for which I have the catalogue number.
It’s: GLO 5252

Yet I can’t find the album on MusicBrainz using this reference.
I tried using several search selection fields such as ‘release’, ‘recording’, ‘label’, etc.
None of them will find this album.

Yet it does exist in the database, and it seems to have the correct catalogue number.

What am I doing wrong?

And, is there a reference table to be found somewhere that explains what the selectable search fields such as ‘release’ ‘release group’, ‘label’, ‘tag’ etc. etc. query exactly?


This search will find it (as will the same search with a space and quotes, catno:“GLO 5252”). Annoyingly, just entering GLO 5252 on the catalog number search in the search page won’t work, because it breaks on spaces (sigh).


Great. Thanks for the explanation and the link reosarevok.