Should unquoting be an auto-edit? Adding user auto-edit for a couple days?

I am fairly new to MusicBrainz - which is awesome BTW! TYVM to those who make it possible.

In my noobness I copy-pasted tracks into the importer from wikipedia. QUotes and all. Which the importer doesn’t remove - which I didn’t notice.

Going back to try and correct it I’ve learnt all about edits. And auto-edits.

So I’m wondering… Shouldn’t removing quotes form the start & end of tracks be an auto-edit?

For example

Also, it would probably be very useful if the adding user was auto-edit for say a couple of days or so.

Look forward to hearing the community thoughts on this!

Some edits are considered auto-edits and applied immediately.
If you create the release and edit immediately it will be considered an auto edit but if you wait an hour it becomes a normal edit and will be applied after 7 days or 3 unanimous yes votes.


Thanks, I actually did read about both of those parameters.

I guess I’m saying 1 hour isn’t really long enough - I think it took me about 36 hours to realize what I had done here. Also pairs of quotes in particular might be better treated as grammar and thus auto-edits.

Thank you for your feedback, the one-hour delay is a recent (two-month-old) policy which applies to recordings as well, see MBS-8134. Its duration will probably be re-examined in the future. Extending it would at least require to pay attention to potential relationships with other entries.

There are thousands of recordings with legitimate name starting and ending with quotation marks, those should not be allowed to be automatically removed. Such changes won’t be auto-edits.


@yvanzo Oh right, I get that. Extending the auto-edit so long as noone else has made an edit (or edited a relationship or similar) would make sense IMHO.