Should this radio mix be added and if so, how?

I was wondering if this can be added to the database. As of writing this it has not been released yet (maybe elsewhere but not to my knowledge), so I don’t know how this is mixed yet, but usually on mau5trap radio it just plays radio edits of the full track with little-to-no mixing + occasional speaking by the dj. I’m fairly certain this perticular video is an extended version of this radio episode, which does actually have mixing. I assume this will be uploaded to Mixcloud as well.

Does this qualify as a release that can be added to MusicBrainz? If so, how should it be done? I’ve never added a (dj-)mix before and I’m not certain which primary type it would go under or how the track list (+ linked recordings) should be added. so it is basically what i thought it would be. any help?

You can add pretty much anything!

There is a DJ-mix secondary type that you can use. I’m not sure about primary type either - some people don’t like this approach but I would probably just leave the primary empty.

I would probably just title it whatever it’s called on youtube/where you can listen. If you’re feeling keen to link all the recordings there is a recording > recording relationship that is ‘DJ-mix of’ that I’m guessing is the one to use?

Broadcast primary maybe? Normally mau5trap radio airs on radio first.

I dont have a problem linking all the tracks, but does it have to be new recordings or can i use the existing recordings? I thought I had read somewhere that you dont need to make a new recording if there are no significant differences (like remasters are not new recordings) but I dont know if that is correct and if that applies here. Personally it would have more value to me if I could see where a certain recording was released, including radio/dj-mixes in some scenarios, and having seperate recordings for every time a track is in a dj-mix kind of ruins that (unless there is some magic with the “dj-mix of” relationship that I have not seen)

I would also rather have the relationships from the ‘main’/‘original’ recording that has been DJ-mixed. something like this then?

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It should probably just be one track, with the recording linked to those other recordings using the ‘DJ mix of’ relationship. Keeping in mind that I haven’t added one before…