Should I use loujine's set-recording-artist script, or wait for an auto-editor?

loujine’s scripts include one to set the recording artist for classical recordings from the ARs on the recording. When I use it, it puts in an edits (one per recording) that wait a week for votes. When an auto-editor uses it, it’s an auto-edit.

So—upside of me using it, less cleanup work for the auto editors. And of course the auto-editors don’t automatically know it’s needed. Downside, its a lot more stuff going through the vote queue, which consumes time from everyone subscribed to those artists and floods of “this is stupid to ask me to vote on it” things which may very well further discourage voting.

I’m unsure which is worse, and would like some feedback.

(Ideally, of course, we’d find some way to make that script no longer needed, or to make it an auto-edit for everyone, but…)

I would definitely do the edits without waiting for an auto-editor.

Then you could mention in your edits note that “these are a bunch of similar edits that should probably be auto-edits”. But it is fairly easy to skim the open edits and notice that already.


I’m definitely opposed to holding back legitimate edits because someone could get fed up with voting. Yes, it’s bad form to needlessly spam the vote queue, but this is not the case here.

I also don’t think that redistributing effort from normal users in the direction of auto-editors is the way to go.

So, go ahead and do your edits!


For what it’s worth, there is a power vote userscript that can be used until the ‘vote on all edits’ feature gets improved or becomes no longer necessary.

I really would not want those edits to be automatically applied.
But the editing / voting system should be enhanced to take a further identical edit as a yes vote (from normal editors) or as an approve (from auto editors).

BTW: The GM script already puts a note in them.

[quote=“jesus2099, post:5, topic:115713”]
I really would not want those edits to be automatically applied.

Why not? To be clear, I just mean the ones that change the recording from having an artist of the composer to the actual performers—once that’s done, I agree, shouldn’t be an auto-edit.

Of course, the actual rules to implement that hand-waving are non-trivial! Maybe if we eventually get the “classical” or “classical style” checkbox, it could initially fill new recordings with some special value that can be auto-edited out later? That’d be a fairly simple rule.

They’re not really identical—they’re on different recordings, and sometimes have different artists involved (because, e.g., a soloist was on one track but not another).

If you create a new recording, changes to it (by its creator) during the first hour should be auto-edits. If I recall correctly, this is already implemented.

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Not quite yet, it’s only available on releases at the moment — but not for all kinds of edits.

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Thanks for setting me right! Then I redefine my „should“ as „should be implemented“ – I think this would solve @derobert’s use case nicely.


That would help, especially if it could be longer than an hour. It often takes well over an hour to fully enter a classical release (depending on how much album art it has, or how much I need to research works), and running the set recording artists script is just about the last thing.

Basically, I:

  1. enter the album details & tracklist to get a MBID
  2. rip the disc, giving the ripper the MBID
  3. while that’s running, start scanning cover art. This can take a while, especially if there are a bunch of pictures that need as 1200ppi scan / descreen / etc.
  4. upload the cover art
  5. enter in all the ARs (its often easier to do this off the scans, as you can magnify the tiny text, and the page doesn’t try to flip itself on you—I have two monitors). This can take quite a while, especially if it turns into 5(b) hope IMSLP has a copy of the score, because a mess has been made of the works.
  6. set the recording artists using the GM script.

It usually takes me quite more than one hour as well. :tired_face:
Even if I don’t scan anything nor even editing classical.

Where can I get this script?

I want to edit all artists of the recordings of, and for the first disk it would be the same. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

(What about changing the script to automatically put the orchestra(s) to the front? And maybe the solist after the conductor…)

I think since everyone is using this script nowadays, it’s kinda solved our old doubt of whether to put the soloist first or last - we just let the script put it first because it’s easy :stuck_out_tongue: