Should I Create a New Release?

The very first classical disc I ever bought was Marche Slav and Other Russian Favorites by various Russian composers, performed by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leonard Slatkin. I’m putting it on my music server now, and was pleased to find the release I linked to, but surprised let’s say that Picard won’t match my digital files to the tracks in the release. Well, it matches one of them. I think it’s because the times are a couple seconds different.

I also notice the cover art is different: the cover art in MusicBrainz has a white background behind the text, for the version I have it looks like they used a different cropping of the photo, and the background is dark.

Other than these trivialities, it looks identical.

I see that I can force Picard to tag the files the way I want, and it seems to pick up the timings from the FLAC files. I can provide whatever cover art I want. So for my own purposes, that’s what I did.

Apparently several editors have worked hard to get the tags right for this, and I don’t want to foul any of that up.

I don’t know that what I have represents another release, so I wouldn’t want to make one, at least not without asking.

I could imagine upoloading “alternate” artwork, but that doesn’t quite seem right either.

What is the best way for me to help?

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Different cover art automatically means different release (in the same release group).


OK, thanks.

I seem to recall that I can “clone” a release and all its tracks.

Should I change the timings on the cloned tracks to match what FLAC thinks? What’s printed on the disc? Oh look! There’s a one second discrepancy between what’s printed on the disc and what’s printed on the booklet for one track. Kewl.

Or does that foul-up maintenance going down the road?

I can upload images of everything.

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If your disc has different track lengths, it will have a different ID, which you should submit with Picard. When you do that, you can apply the correct track lengths to your release, even if you originally just copied the recordings from the earlier release.


Thanks. I’ll look into this.


OK, I think I’m done. Check the new release here.


Looks good to me. I see you added the scans and attached the CD ID, which is great. And indeed it has a different ID.

Just one thing: you should write the title in title case, not copy the capitalization used in the cover. Please check Style/Titles, and English.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look at the style guide & make corrections.

I did the same kind of thing also for this release – more SLSO. Mine came packaged with a sampler disc that had been used by itself as well, so I created a separate release for it. But!!! I didn’t supply a Disc ID because I’m not absolutely positive it would be the same as the version I have.

These compilations are something else.

Thanks again.

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As you shouldn’t. Just like the release before, it looked like it was the same thing, but it tuned out to have slightly different track lengths. You should only add disc IDs to the exact release you have.

Let me also direct you to the classical music style guidelines. Classical releases are much more complicated than popular music, and have specific guidelines.

And one small thing: I noticed you tend to use a hyphen to separate work titles in releases with different works, but the style rule in MB is to use a slash with a space on either side. E.g. “Symphony no. 3 / Music for a Great City” rather than “Symphony No. 3 - Music for a Great City”

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