Share your favorite collections


Do you have some great collections you’d like to share with other editors?

  • lists of your favorite artists/releases/recordings/…
  • comprehensive lists of artists of a genre (e.g. I’d love to subscribe to a collection of as many hip hop artists as possible)
  • lists of entities that you’d like some help cleaning up

I’ll start.
For hip hop fans I have two collections of artists you should check out if you don’t know some of them yet:

And here is a small list of releases I’d like to know the producers for.

EDIT 1: Here is a collection for all 2Pac or Old School hip hop fans.
EDIT 2: Lately I’ve been working a lot on Queensbridge hip hop. Here is the resulting collection.


How are Madlib and Dilla not on your producers list? :scream::face_with_monocle:

There are a couple of unknown names (unknown for me, that is) on those lists, I will definitely check them out.


Well Madlib is not really my style (maybe I have to get used to it a bit more) and Dilla is on the list as a member of The Ummah.


That are some of my collections where help is highly wanted. So… if someone has too much time :grinning:

And one somewhat obscure collection where I discovered some problems with the track timings. Mostly vinyl versions (I digitized to flac) where printed backcover/label timings differ (even from the CD version). So if you own one of this releases too it would be nice if you can help checking.

This collections are public so you can subscribe if you want.