SF Bay Area meet up

Hello people. As some might know, I’m currently in the San Francisco/Oakland area, and I’d be happy to meet up with some of the local (or not-so-local-but-still-in-the-area) MusicBrainz (or other MetaBrainz related) people.

There are a couple of different times/places this could happen:

  • June 12th (Sun; 6+ PM): I’m thinking of joining an Irish trad./folk jam session at The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant (198 5th Street)
  • June 15th (Wed; afternoon): Last day in SF for me, but would potentially also be an opportunity to meet @caroline-g and @opatel99
  • June 17th (Fri; 12 PM (noon)): Visiting the Internet Archive (in SF): tour of the IA at noon and lunch at 1 PM. RSVP: by Tuesday (14th) night.
  • June 17th (Fri; evening): Somewhere in Oakland. Would also include @strycore, lead of Lutris.

Other days are also possibly possible, but these are the options we have for now. Saturday the 18th we might be going to Sacramento for a b-boying battle event, so if anyone is up there and want to join for that, that is also an option.

Please let me/us know ASAP if you want to and are willing to join up at any of these dates/times. It would be cool to meet some local brainzers. :slight_smile:


I am most interested in getting food with the IA group :slight_smile:

Are some spots in the neighborhood which are relatively inexpensive and have quality food. Of the options, only “Good Luck” is not-very-veggie friendly.