Setting up the AcousticBrainz server



In fact, I am really new to all this world. First, I would like to confirm one thing. I am developping my first app and I would like to use some acousticBrainz capabilities. If I understood well, the only way to consult low-level and high-level data is to install the webserver as explained in and export the data in JSON format.

I tried to install the webserver but I arrived at an error that I cannot resolve. I think it is related to the step “Tweak configuration file” (creating the database). I don’t know what are the changes I have to make.

  • I use Api key from my profile (AcousticBrainz) for the value of SECRET_KEY
  • PG_SUPER_USER and PG_PORT correspond to the configuration of PostgreSQL (there is no problem with the configuration of my user)
  • I changed the OAuth parameters (for my new AcousticBrainz application “Test”)

But I don’t know if I have to able any of the Logging statements or modify any other.

There’s one thing that doesn’t have sense for me. I saw that I should be able to retrive this information doing, for example:
If you have a ressource that I can consult to understand how to implemented it, it would be really cool.

Thank you!


You should not need to install the acousticbrainz server to use the data.
Just call the web services to retrieve the data see

The id used for is the musicbrainz recording id.
You may need to query the musicbrainz web service to find the recording id’s.


At the end, I made the decision to install the server. But I still couldn’t solve the error I found previously.

Thank you!