Set Composer in local Language

Picard has a useful setting to set artists in their local language, is there a setting, plugin or tagger script that will set composer in the local language?

.indeed anywhere there is a person object to change it at source to the local language (not just artist).

Unfortunately no (but I didn’t check and use the Classical Extras plugin; it’s too complex and complicated to me and it lacks from time to time on upgrade of Picard).

see also Composer: Translate into local language

I’m doing it with a Tagger Script (also used for name variants I don’t like) e.g.

$setmulti(composer,$replace(%composer%,Дмитрий Дмитриевич Шостакович,Dmitri Schostakowitsch))
$setmulti(composersort,$replace(%composersort%,Shostakovich\, Dmitri Dmitrievich,Schostakowitsch\, Dmitri))
$set(artistsort,$replace(%artistsort%,Shostakovich\, Dmitri Dmitrievich,Schostakowitsch\, Dmitri))

$setmulti(composer,$replace(%composer%,Charles‐François Gounod,Charles Gounod))
$setmulti(composersort,$replace(%composersort%,Gounod\, Charles‐François,Gounod\, Charles))
$set(artistsort,$replace(%artistsort%,Gounod\, Charles‐François,Gounod\, Charles))

It is a Sisyphean task and I only have a few composers in my script.

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thanks for suggestions