$set(albumartist, %artist%)?

I am wanting to replace the albumartist tag with the existing artist tag. Do I just need to enter a working script, ‘make it so’, then add files to have the script run automatically?

Is $set(albumartist, %artist%) the correct way to go about this? I am not having any luck trying similar permutations of it.

Have you been successful with this? It sounds like you’re on the right track.

I have just been using :live-filter in cmus to find artists instead of getting it all proper sorted … maybe some day I will get it all to work =)

$set(albumartist, %artist%) does work, but only if you’ve got that set in the scripts before you put your files into the right hand panel. If you already have a cluster setup in the right hand panel and then you create the script, right click the cluster and choose ‘refresh’ that’ll then apply the new script settings.

try this:


In this way, your variable should not be a problem.