Server in Germany up & running? Replication packets?

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Replication works again!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your huge effort! :heart_eyes::christmas_tree:


Yes, a new packet 99848 was uploaded half an hour ago that should be equivalent (though not identical) to the lost one. This means that all replicated instances that were stuck at 99847 will automatically resume replication and soon be up-to-date again (we are somewhere beyond 100000 now).

The new packet 99845 isnโ€™t ready yet, so anyone who still is before that one will need to wait another day or so.

Thanks to @mbcz, who provided the most complete dump (including the CAA) that was used for recreating the packets, and to everyone else who provided or offered partial dumps. The code for recreating is due to @Bitmap and @Rob.


Thanks for your efforts.
My instance is processing packets so it should catch up sooner or later.


Thanks again. I just started replicating again.
I truly appreciate everyoneโ€™s efforts.


A new packet 99845 is now available, too, for those who were on an older version. Technically, it has the property that it together with 99846 and 99847 is equivalent to the original (lost) 99845 together with 99846 and 99847.

With that, this unfortunate issue should now be resolved.