Series/event/artist - need a volunteer

I just created my first event. Yay for the new guy. :rofl:

It was a show put on by the Piatigorsky Foundation

I would like someone to create an entry for them, because they put on a lot of shows across the country (avg 200 a year).

But, honestly, I wouldn’t even know what to do or where to put it. Would they be an artist, or should it be just a series, or maybe host of events…
I figure it would be better to let one of you do it.

And then, if you could add it to the event i created at


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You’re doing the right thing by crediting individually the artists who perform on behalf of the foundation. (You can also link artists within the setlist.) The Foundation itself is not an artist. You shouldn’t create a label entry for them either unless they meet the criteria for labels.

From Label - MusicBrainz :

At this time, we don’t keep track of companies involved in the other aspects of the music industry (PR, management, etc.)

It wouldn’t help to you try to create them as a label anyway, since there isn’t a label-event relationship (possibly for this reason).

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