Sequence of steps for adding an unknown song


I have a Type O Negative - October Rust CD without id3 tag.

I clicked Cluster and Scan.

The result in the screenshot.

I would like to add Bad Ground to this album permanently.

What steps should I take?

Just drag the file from the left to the release on the right.

But also for the MusicBrainz database.

For Picard to find the entire plate.

I see. Once you have used “Scan” without result and father you have manually assigned the file to the proper track the “Submit AcoustID fingerprints” button will light up. When you use this the acoustic fingerprint of this music file will be submitted to the database and gets linked to the corresponding MusicBrainz recording.

See Submitting Acoustic Fingerprints — MusicBrainz Picard v2.8.1 documentation for a more detailed explanation.


I did according to this guide.

For the test, I deleted with MP3tag id3 for the whole album.

I opened October Rust in Picard again, pressed Cluster and Scan.

Unfortunately, the Bad Ground file is unrecognized again, it was left in the left panel.

The new AcoustID probably doesn’t get applied instantly - wait a few hours / a day and try again.

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New AcoustIDs tend to be applied within a couple seconds in my experience. However, some old fingerprints are bugged so that the file cannot be scanned.