Send Incomplete albums to a different folder

When organizing my library I would like it if Picard would separate incomplete albums from complete albums. So if an album is missing 1 or more tracks it goes to the folder /incomplete/album artist/year - album/track.flac. But if the albums is complete it moves it to /music/album artist/year - album/track.flac. Or something like that. Is this currently possible and how would I go about doing this? If it’s not possible I’d really like this feature to be implemented in the future.

The same could be done for files that are organized by the filing script but that were not matched with the musicbrainz database, for instance when you save a ‘cluster’.

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I’m away from my computer, so I can’t test at the moment, but I believe you’re looking for the $is_complete function. here it is in the docs. I think you’d use it in an $if() function.

for example, I believe you can insert this at the beginning of your script, and it should do the trick (note this code is untested)


I believe it’ll also put any saved clusters in the folder as well


Thank you! That sounds perfect. I’ll go test it out :slight_smile: