Seeking mentors for Google Code-in 2019

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Ahoy people!

Google Code‐in 2019 organisation applications are open, and MetaBrainz have completed our application already… so hopefully we’ll be accepted for one more round! :pray:

I already have some mentors lined up, but we can always use more—so if anyone here is interested in joining our mentor roster, please fill out this form and I will be in touch with you:

If you have any questions about mentoring, go ahead and ask here (or write me directly at and myself and others that have mentored in previous years can hopefully help answer any questions. :slight_smile:


And we’re amongst the organisations accepted for Google Code‐in 2019, so please continue considering whether you want to be a mentor and to send in applications. They’re open throughout the contest since we can basically only have too few mentors, and even mentors who can only mentor a single task are valuable. :slight_smile:


Hi, hope you are doing well.

I was a Student Developer with INCF in the Google Summer of Code 2019 and am eager to mentor projects in the Google Code In 2019. Please could you guide me on how to apply?

Thank you!

It literally says this in the very first post. If you can’t even read the two posts in the topic you’re replying to, I doubt you’ll be a good mentor, sorry.


I have bandwidth to help with a few community-oriented tasks, maybe around documentation. I can help with mentoring but I haven’t given much thought to what tasks could be. But I have a few hours a week I could lend. Do you have any mini-goals we could work towards on community tasks, @Freso? What about the community index site?


@Freso Although this post is pinned in the Metabrainz category, it’s not easily visible to newcomers on the community homepage. I think we should make it more visible, atleast until GCI starts🤔.

It is top in the list on the default landing page for everyone, unless they have changed their settings themselves (screenshot from “private”/logged out session):

I’m not sure how you want it to be more visible?


Sorry for not being more specific. I was talking about the view on mobile (I’m not sure how many here are mobile users)

I still don’t know how to make it more visible. It is currently pinned globally, which is about the most visible I think I can make it. (Also note that topics by default get unpinned for your account once you’ve read them, so it may not show up at top of lists for you anymore, even if it does for others (which is why I used an “incognito” browser instance for the screenshot).)