Searching multiple tracks

I’m having trouble searching for multiple tracks in a single release. For instance, if I want to track down the Pulp Fiction soundtrack (, how can I search for multiple titles?

I’ve read through the advanced query syntax help page as well as skimmed through the Lucene Search Syntax page as suggested there.

From the website, I’ve tried the following indexed searches using advanced query syntax
type=Recording: “jungle boogie” +“lonesome town” +rumble
type=Recording: “jungle boogie” and “lonesome town” and rumble
type=Tag: title:“jungle boogie” +title:“lonesome town” +title:rumble

along with several other combinations.

I do not want to provide the album / albumartist tags. I tried some of the queries including the artist tag but that didn’t seem to help.

Any nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated

I am not sure to understand…

You cannot spell track names in release search.

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Let’s say I’m trying to find which compilation release contains two or three recordings that I have, as an example, perhaps the “Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. XX” releases. For arguments sake, we assume that recA is super popular and appears on several of the NTWICM releases, but I also have recB and recC. I’d like to find which release contains all three recordings on the same release, not a union of all releases that contain each of those recordings.

If all I have are the recording names, are you suggesting:

(“recA” AND “recB” AND “recC”)

I just tried the following advanced query syntax index search

Type: Recording – “jungle boogie” AND “lonesome town” AND “rumble”

No results returned

Oh yes, because no recording is called lonesome town jungle boogie rumble. :wink:

I guess maybe you either would have to make a two step stuff (first search for all releases for each song then make the intersection of all results) or to use the HAND MADE REPORT tool for that, but it’s very hard to use, it is not supported, not documented, you have to copy others’ examples to understand…

But in any case, it is also not often that you find a compilation with all the tracks you like. :slight_smile:


Just to close this out, I’ve opted to setup a dev musicbrainz server at home so I can run my own sql queries rather than fight against the web interface.

Thanks for the help in understanding what was going on.

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