Search release by friendly duration time format

Long time ago, there was a search page that provided a few release related fields like name, and duration formatted as mm:ss.

I really miss this. The only way I can figure out to do this using an Indexed Search is to convert mm:ss to milliseconds, which is a pain as well as overly precise, and then to structure a query “name-of-song duration:nnnnnnnn”.

Would be a lot easier if there was a quick search page with “fill in the blanks” for a few commonly used fields like release, album, artist, duration, date-range, comment, number-of-tracks.

And BTW, it looks like support for times is weak, as the Indexed Search Syntax help page explicitly notes that you can’t search for albums by track length…

Search - MusicBrainz you mean? Granted, it doesn’t do mm:ss, but this page has been there for probably about 10 years by now (that is, I can’t remember it being there, and I’ve been around for 10 years soon :smiley:), with (too?) little change. (I’m sure Chirlu or someone will quickly dig into the Git history and show me how wrong I am, but eh. :stuck_out_tongue:)

You also can’t search for Artists using Recording durations, or Labels etc. If you want a specific Recording (or Track), you can use dur and search Recordings. I do think it would maybe make sense to add something for Release length though, but not for looking up a Release based on the dur of a single Recording/Track that happens to be on it.

Well, the tag lookup section does (the field is called duration).

Well, the tag lookup section does (the field is called duration).

I tried using that with “3:08” and it gave me an error saying that the field expected an integer.

Oh, then it only takes seconds, it seems …