Scripting help!

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If i want to get the folders like this:
Sleepy Hollow (2CD)
Sleepy Hollow\CD01 - Orginal Soundtrack
Sleepy Hollow\CD02 - Extras

Ive treid to change with diffrent setups but nothing works.

This is the scriptingcode that gives me some of the setup i want…

$if(%discsubtitle%,$set(album,%album%: %discsubtitle%)) 

Thank you!

Guessing from the excerpt you have shown to us: You are overwriting the album tag after you have used it to set the variable _albumfolder (to the old value). Maybe changing the order of these lines gets you closer to the desired result?

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Thanks for a quick answer. Im not good at scripting… Were exactly do i make the changes?
I found this script and have trying to play around with it with no succes…

If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at the tutorial on Writing a File Naming Script in the Picard User Guide. That may help explain what is happening and clarify where the suggested changes should be applied.

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