Script question: Wildcard with one exception


Is there a possibility to add an exception to wildcard within a script? Since “$unset(performer:*)” has been implemented in Picard 1.4, I was wondering if it’s possible to unset all the performer tags with one exception, e.g. “performer:guest vocals”. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!


I’m not sure the wildcards can have exceptions, but it should always be possible to work around them:

$noop(Need to use \$get below as the \% don't like spaces)
$set(_perftemp,$get(performer:lead vocals)))
$set(performer:lead vocals,%_perftemp%)

…at least, in theory. I can’t even get the simple $unset(performer:lead vocals) working.


Awesome, it works! (Though it’s “guest vocals” not “lead vocals” in my case). Thanks so much for the script. However I wonder if more sophisticated approach exists.