Script for all Audio Files

I set in by Preferences

Are you aware that you fill the text “Zusammenstellungen” into all your “ALBUMARTIST” and “ALBUMARTISTSORT” tags of your files wherever you usually would fill “Various Artists”?

I’m not sure if this is a good idea, especially not if you use an other music player or music organization software.

Yes i have thought about that.
An compilaction CD have tracks with different artists and the standard about that is in the Preferences defined as “Various Artists”.
“Zusammenstellungen” is an other word for that in german language.
My Files of Music are seperate from Album artists and Compilations and others.

I know what you mean.

albumartist = “Zusammenstellungen” or “Various Artists” or “Bravo hits” when it set in Script
albumartistsort = “Zusammenstellungen” or “Various Artists” or “Bravo hits” when it set in Script
It is very tricky to set the path as i want and the meadata correctly.
I try to find a way.

The actually Problem that i want to correct in script is the number of Bravo Hits.
There will be “Bravo Hits 1” and i want to correct it in “Bravo Hits 001”.

Now i have try something.
Remove in Preferences

Change the if Statement and Path

$noop(Ablage fĂźr Zusammenstellungen)
$if($in(%album%,Bravo Hits),$set(albumartist,Bravo Hits),$set(albumartistsort,Bravo Hits))

%album% \($left($if2(%date%,%originaldate%,0000),4)\)/
%discnumber%-$num(%tracknumber%,2). %title% - %artist%

The Filemanagement will work.

What not work is to find the albumartist and albumartistsort content in the file?

Using $eq(%compilation%,1) will sort compilation albums by a single artist (like “Best Of” albums) together with Various Artist-compilations. You can avoid this by using something like

Zusammenstellungen\$noop(sorting rules for compilations),Interpreten\$noop(sorting rules for non- 

And since the second part of your script is nearly identical (except for %artist% at the end), you can simplify your script by bringing that part out of the if-function. Just add a second $if at the end, that adds the artist only to VA-compilations:

$if($eq(%musicbrainz_albumartistid%,89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377), - %artist%,)

Thanks for the info.
i dont know for what the number is?
I´m not sure what you mean with this line



89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377 is the Musicbrainz ID number for the generic placeholder artist “Various Artists”:


Thank you now i understand the code.

I dont know about this line.

$if($in(%album%,Bravo Hits),$set(albumartist,Bravo Hits),$set(albumartistsort,Bravo Hits))

It will work when the files will be saved and moved to the folder but in the files in can not found the informations about albumartist and albumartistsort?

The naming script doesn’t actually change the tags, so the values you are setting for albumartist and albumartistsort are only temporary.


ok, thanks.
how i can do it that these tags will be written in the file too?

To change those tags permanently, you have to use a tagger script (see Scripting in the Options menu, same syntaxys as the file namin script)


You should also remove the space between the comma and the four zeros. As it is currently, if both %date% and %originaldate% are empty, it will show up as ( 000) rather than (0000).


Is it possible to not overwrite an existing album-tag when it exists from file?

Some advice so you don’t run into issues later on: as @InvisibleMan78 already told you, it might not be the best idea to change the value of standard tags.

Most music players have at least some basic tagging functions built into them, and those are usualy activate by default. When you play one of these tracks on the music player of your choice, it will probably try to search for metadata/album covers, notice the ‘incorrect’ tag values and change them back. So it might be wise to leave the standard tags alone.

In a time where your fridge can play your favourite wake-up music for you in the morning whilst adding milk to your grocery list stored in the cloud, it’s no longer a question if those tags will be changed back, but when. So do your future self a favour and change $set(albumartist,Bravo Hits) to $set(MyVeryOwnTag, Bravo Hits) in your tagger script. Your fridge won’t mess with that one :slight_smile:

Yes, you can configure tags to not overwrite in Options > Tags > Preserve these tags… . It will still write them if they are not in the file, bit will not overwrite them.


Thanks for the information.
Tag Manager is one way to make it easy to managing the music library.
i am a friend of order and uniformity.
When i want to uniformy my library then I also correct the metadata too.
I can do this manually by hand but i like it to use the computer and write code for it.
when i must overwrite standard tag to get the information on this place in the file then i will do that.
For me it is important to have the correct data on the right place in the file. :blush: