Scan files without lookup

While in Picard, when I scan files, it does automatically a lookup. This can be quite annoying. For example, I have a many track comp album, so I need to wait while it pulls in data from many many albums it finds matches to… all the while all I really want to do is scan them for a new release I am adding so fingerprints can be added after I add it if needed.

So my question is, is there a way to just scan and not lookup? Basically a way to scan and get fingerprints from files without searching the database for anything? I know I can use fpcalc in terminal for example, but that is not an easy transition to Picard where I just want to see if it will accept a submission of IDs. Maybe a scan button to scan, then a lookup scanned items button sort of thing.

I want to note… for me, I use Picard as a MB submission tool about 99% of the time, tagging with it rarely. I mention this as I am not sure if the needs of this feature differ for me due to that, but I wanted to briefly explain how I use the software.

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If your files already have an MBID tag, you can scan and submit using a tool outside of Picard. On my Windows machine, I use Acoustid Fingerprinter to do exactly that. I don’t think I’ve ever submitted scans through Picard.

Thanks for the reply. I typically do not store MBID tags in files as I do not use Picard for tagging purposes. I like Picard for this because I can open my file(s)/folder and load up the MB release (for example) by its ID and see them side by side. Then I can match up my files to the MB listing on the right and submit. Because this is a GUI, I like to see what is selected and done, because a GUI like Acoustid Fingerprinter is ambiguous to me… what is it exactly doing, what files is it (or not) submitting, what release did it see, etc. It is just a pick a group and send it, errors (if there) and all. In Picard, I can see how my recordings match up, make sure durations are a match, etc before submitting.

BTW- I use Ubuntu, currently Ubuntu 17.10 MATE. I am sure our tools are close enough, but I wanted to make the difference known.

EDIT: To clarify, I do not physically tag files with Picard, but aside from submitting with it, I do use it (and the MB web UI) to lookup releases, recordings, etc. It is extremely useful, as well as the current scan button in Picard to help identify unknown files of recordings. I can get quite particular on tags as of late… to the point of often manual cleaning with tools like AtomicParsley as most GUI tag editors cannot see ALL tags, just those it can recognize… like Picard where it only shows the tags it is set to and the rest are invisible from within the GUI.

I agree that this ‘backward use’ of submitting AcoustID:s means unnecessarily extra work, and just created [PICARD-1223] Automatic match opt-out at scan.

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Thanks. I voted for the ticket referenced.

Apparently ticket [PICARD-1223] Automatic match opt-out at scan duplicates [PICARD-991] Allow submitting AcoustIDs for matched Recordings. 991 is the one to go for.