Saving Scanned songs

I have been able to successfully scan songs again, so I am assuming that is working again(?)
But now I scan my songs, if finds them, I save them, but when I go back to iTunes and play the songs like I use to have to do and see the 4 LETTER song titles update to the CORRECT song titles, but now after saving and go back to iTunes to play the songs to correct their titles I get that it “could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?”

Do I now not need to play the songs to get the correct song title?

Can I safely delete the 4 LETTER songs that now can’t be found and safely assume they have been correctly saved with the correct title?

You have changed the file name or moved the files don’t do that if using itunes. itunes will do it for you. You will now have to remove all the songs and re add them or go and manaly look for each song 1 at a time. To update the song info there are a few ways to do that after using picard the best way is with script editor on mac but u will not be able to do it now due to moving or renaming the files.

if you paste this into script editor and hit the play button and let it run let it run it will update the file info you can replace music with itunes (will not work on windows)

tell application “Music”

set sel to selection

if sel is {} then return

repeat with aTrack in sel

if class of aTrack is file track then refresh aTrack

end repeat

end tell